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Biomass Pellet Factory


    The world is moving rapidly towards a frenetic consumption of ecological and renewable fuels and the pellet industry, in this respect, has undergone an exponential growth over the last decade. The forecast is that global consumption will double by 2020, both in residential and industrial applications. The G-HASE technology has reached its target to produce pellets to international standard quality requirements at a high profit whilst at the same time valorizing and utilizing different types of raw materials thus rendering the plant flexible and competitive.
     In addition to this innovative technological process, the G-HASE group has designed a press with cutting edge mechanics, able to reach a capacity of 12 tons/hour, cutting electricity requirements as well as the time required for routine maintenance.
     With over 45 years of experience and knowledge in wood based panel production technology, the G-HASE group offers complete plants with capacities ranging from 4 ton/hour to 100 tons/hour, as well as single pieces of equipment for each part of the work process, starting from the debarking area through to the chipping area, refining, drying, screening and lastly the press line.

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Biomass Pellet Factory
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Wood based projects