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Plywood Factory


    Plywood belongs to the layered panels class; It’s an half-processed product, made by peeled wood layers which come from the log peeling process and it’s characterized by the perpendicularity between the orientation of the fibers which compose the various layers.
    The way to obtain plywood panels starts with the log peeling, which consist in transform the log into a small thickness sheet (0.7 – 4 mm) having a width equal to the log length and long as the spiral inscribable in the log section. Then, this long sheet, is cut into shorter pieces which are overlapped and glued, paying attention on the fibers orientation of two consecutive layers that have to stay in a perpendicular way. Told method guarantees the uniformity of material strenght in every direction (because the strenght along the fibers isn’t homogeneous) and also the typical unidirectional mechanical characteristics of the wood are supported in orthogonal way.
   The woods most used for the production of layered panels are softwoods such as Fir, Birch or Poplar, but  also with most esteemed wood as Beech, Teak or Okoume.
   There are also kinds of plywood in which only the external layers are made by esteemed wood sheets such as Oak or Rosewood, or with phenolic or melamine paper. In both cases, the obtained plywood is called “overlaid plywood”.

The G-HASE offers and realizes all the machineries necessaries to obtain the final products mentioned above.

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Plywood Factory
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